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Most small businesses struggle to build their brand, increase sales, and retain customers successfully.


Hiring a marketing director or manager may not be in the budget, but spinning your wheels isn’t an option either.

Your current team may have the time and passion for adding marketing tasks to their job description, but that doesn’t make them a marketer- at least not a successful marketer.

That’s where I can help you!

Working closely with you and your team, we will develop a customized brand and marketing strategy that works. Including, personal training, oversight, and accountability to ensure your success.

Look, I know you want to grow your company, add value, and develop relationships with your customers. I also know you don’t have resources to waste.

Your work isn’t about a paycheck. It’s about your livelihood, your dreams, and your impact on the world.

I have helped others, just like you, gain and retain their ideal customer, I can assist you too.


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Jeanette Wood Client Feedback

“Jeanette is someone who moves forward quickly and can create a relationship with someone long distance as if they were neighbors. There is nobody quite as great at making meaningful connections as Jeanette.”

David Stelzer CEO Azure Standard

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It’s Your Turn

“Jeanette truly listens to what I have to say and asks probing questions that help me think through decisions I need to make. She is a partner in my journey and not just a spectator. I would highly recommend Jeanette as an executive coach.”

Mark Teachman ATT Area Manager

Most Requested Services:

Executive Training

Build a brand that lasts

80% of all small businesses fail within their first 18 months. According to Forbes, there are five reasons for the small business demise. I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to clarify their brand message and tackle these common mistakes before they destroy your company

I can help you stand out in the marketplace, get in touch with your customer, clearly communicate your product/service value, and develop your team leadership abilities.


Invest in your team

Presentations, workshops, and in-house training is a great way to jumpstart your team’s success.

Some of my client’s favorite sessions include Customer retention- How I grew a business from zero to six figures in the first year.  REAL success- Understanding the power of relationship marketing. Create a workplace culture that changes communities.


Listen – Learn – Launch

Understanding your customer’s spoken and unspoken cues will help you clarify your message and create powerful product launches.

I can teach your team how to understand your customer/client’s buying language. I can also help your team craft your product/service message into a story your customer wants to be part of and share with others.

It’s Your Turn


No more meeting marathons or disappointing product launches.

I can help your team communicate your message at every level.

It’s Your Turn

“Jeanette is incredible to work with. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and makes sure my goals are the focus of her attention. She ensures that the central message of my company stays intact while polishing our wording so that we maximize sales.”

Joel Ryals Entrepreneur

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It’s Your Turn

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